We are pleased to announce a unique opportunity with open enrollment in a Clinical Trial testing a vitamin-plus-nutrient supplement aimed at cancer risk reduction.  This clinical study addresses the usefulness of a newly developed, specific dietary supplement (GSM's Formula #18) to achieve cancer risk reduction.  The supplement contains 14 minerals, vitamins, herbs and food extracts.  All ingredients are backed by pre-clinical studies, prior observational clinical literature, and/or traditional medicine scientific data supporting a potential cancer risk reduction role.  The science data available for the 14 ingredients were viewed as sufficiently compelling to formulate this dietary supplement and to test its effectiveness for cancer risk reduction by this clinical trial.


All participants in the trial receive the GSM Formula #18, and twice a year mail in a simple lab test to monitor responses to GSM's Formula #18.  The trial focuses on those participants identified as higher risk by lifestyle assessments and by inherited and familial factors. The voluntary risk assessment questionnaire is administered at no cost and serves as the entry point to clinical participation in the clinical trial.  Participants are under no obligation to enter the trial.  All information is kept fully confidential.  The study population includes both physician- referred participants who may benefit from cancer risk reduction and self-referred participants.  Participants may withdraw voluntarily from the study at any time. 


The goals of the trial include determining whether GSM's Formula #18 (1) decreases the incidence of cancer among participants using this supplement, and (2) reduces reoccurrence of cancer among cancer-affected subjects.  Participants entered in the study are charged a fixed fee per month of $59 for 60 months or until participation terminates.  That fee pays for the clinical trial's administration, monitoring, ongoing analysis, and medical and laboratory monitoring conducted during the trial.  There are no charges for the assigned dosage of GSM's Formula #18 dietary supplement, even if increased dosages may later be indicated based on increasing risk.  Thus the clinical trial fee of $59/month never changes during the 60 month trial unless participation is terminated.


CRITERIA:  Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria:


         (1)     some relative risk for cancer as measured by a cancer risk questionnaire


         (2)     Individuals 18 years or old


         (3)     Ability to given informed consent


         (4)     No use of conflicting drugs such as anti-coagulants [all potential medical

                   and drug conflicts are itemized at enrollment]

         (5)     No cancer under current therapy (supplement may be started after                    cancer therapy is complete with clearance by participant's

                   health care professional)


         (6)     No pregnant or breast-feeding women


         (7)     Any participant may withdraw at any time without any further financial



         (8)      Monitoring questionnaires to be returned by mail to the site investigator.



The year 2000 marks the first opportunity for you to enroll in this cancer risk reduction clinical trial.  Key features of the trial are:


*        Everyone enrolled receives the active GSM Formula #18 dietary supplement
          no one gets a placebo or “sugar pills”


*        Everyone entered is monitored regularly for any adverse side effects


*        A simple mail-in lab test is administered every six to nine months to assess
          any positive responses to the supplement


*        Every batch of the supplement is control-tested ahead of time to confirm
          active ingredients


*        Ongoing overall results during the study are reported to all participants,
          keeping everyone informed


*        Confidentiality is rigorously maintained


*        Data collected may have an invaluable impact on the science of cancer



*        The Clinical Trial is supervised and monitored to assure the highest

          medical standards




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