GSM Cancer Prevention Clinical Trial Designers



Jerome B. Block, M.D.was the former chief of Medical Oncology (1974-1999) at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, and is currently a Professor of Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine.  Prior to that, he was Associate Director of The Clinical Center, National Institute of Health (1971-74).  He served as Chief, National Cancer Institute, (NCI) U.S. Public Health Service Hospital (1966-71), and had also been Senior Investigator, Medicine Branch, NCI (1964-66).  Dr. Block served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association, and was Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Southwest Medicine.  He was a past President of the American Cancer Society (L.A. Coastal Cities Unit, 1980-82).  He was the author of  94 peer reviewed articles and 18 text chapters, as well as 63 peer-reviewed abstracts.


Steven Evans, M.S.  Mr. Evans served for 15 years as Senior Research Scientist with the Hereditary Cancer Institute of the Creighton University Medical School, and, for 14 years, was Director of Instructional Science Research for the Health Sciences at the Creighton Health Sciences Center.  He served for four years as Vice President for [Health Sciences] Research for PACE Health Systems Corporation, and for five years as Senior Research Scientist for Gene Logic, Inc.   Mr. Evans holds patents in medically-related data mining methodology as well as in artificial intelligence health care applications and has disseminated and discussed his research and analysis in over 100 journal articles and/or professional presentations, monographs, chapters, or technical papers, focusing on cancer risk analysis, expert health care systems, and data mining applied to cancer syndrome detection.